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Since 1985, we've been delivering the innovative control electronics that have made millions of consumer, commercial, industrial and military grade devices easier to use, more fully featured, more reliable, safer and cheaper. Today, we continue to apply design innovation to creating solutions that enable new capability, improve productivity and protect people and property.

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Innovations in electronics

From control systems for domestic appliances, to 'smart' interfaces for banking and vending equipment; from warning systems that make schools, army bases and railway crossings safer, to  integrated solutions that  improve productivity for border security, field service and emergency services personnel; we're adding value to the lives of individuals as well as whole communities.

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Wireless Warning Beacons

Following the success of the WiLAS 'Wireless Alert Siren' System, we've created another wireless safety solutions for users who need a rapidly deployable, lower cost alert beacon system. Designed to warn pedestrians of hazards such as vehicles entering factories or warehouses, or to warn vehicles of hazards such as moving gantries, it's called WiLERT

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the WiLERT 'Wireless Alert' Beacon System