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From electronic controls for banking, vending, HVAC, medical and safety systems; to control systems for lights, sirens and safety systems aboard ambulances, police, corrective services, fire, emergency services and field service vehicles; to road safety warning systems for pedestrian and railway crossings; to rugged portable computer-based situational awareness, secure communications, remote ERP and asset management systems; we add value to a wide range of mission-critical defence, emergency services, road and rail applications, as well as to day to day applications where we deliver ease of use, enhanced reliability and safety, and greater productivity improvements.

General capabilities encompass:

  • electronics design, specialising in:
    - PCB layout
    - control circuits
    - RF (wireless) based controls
  • contract electronics (PCB) manufacture
  • industrial design of finished electronics products
  • wireless (RF) control and communications systems
  • emergency warning beacons and siren design and integration
  • rugged computer design, customisation and manufacture
  • portable computer and communications systems integration
  • ruggedised, portable biometrics data collection (computer based) systems

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