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Group: Electronic Control Solutions

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PNE Electronics
PNE specialises in electronic controls for 240V powered electrical, electronics and electro-mechanical devices, including:

  • banking and vending equipment
  • medical and healthcare devices
  • security and safety products
  • heating, ventilation & cooling (HVAC) products
  • gas flame managementsystems
  • 'green' products, such as power management and energy saving devices

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Impart Special Products
Impart specialises in electronic control solutions and accessories for 12V and 24V powered (ie car, truck, trailer, boat, etc) systems, covering:

  • CAN-Bus control systems
  • vehicle light & siren systems
  • vehicle intercom & PA systems
  • vehicle device-specific controls (eg for compressors)
  • vehicle-based accessories such as service vehicle washbasins, work area lights, etc.

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Group: Wireless Warning Solutions

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Emergency Alert Systems (EAS)
EAS specialises in wireless warning siren and beacon solutions for premises occupant safety applications, including:

  • premises lock down, evacuation (etc) siren systems
  • premises hazard warning beacon systems (for factories, warehouses, etc)
  • custom designed supplementary warning systems (eg for fire alarm or other alarm systems) 

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SafeZone specialises in wireless visual warning solutions for road and rail applications, including:

  • railway crossings
  • pedestrian crossings
  • track worker and field based workforce proximity alert applications
  • supplementary rail signalling systems
  • warehousing and distribution applications
  • mobile work site applications

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Group: Computer Solutions

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Opentec Solutions
Opentec specialises in rugged portable computers and computer-based solutions, including:

  • Commercial Rugged, Industrial Rugged and Military Rugged notebooks, tablet PCs, UMPCs and PDAs
  • Field workforce mobility solutions
  • Situational awareness/tactical command and control (C4) solutions
  • Portable multi-modal biometrics collection & verification solutions

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